Hi, I’m April.

Are you hungry? Get a snack, then hang out and read a while. If there’s a song attached to a post, give it a try. You might like it. Or not.

turtlemadness isn’t about anything in particular, but you can probably expect to find the following things here:

  • Reviews of things, mostly media
  • Japanese media exports, like anime, music, and manga
  • Reflections on how any given day was
  • Thoughts on management, work, and business
  • 少し日本語。多分。

I started turtlemadness back in high school, and it’s lived on in one form or another ever since. As the description says, sometimes it’s nice to just have somewhere to write.

MIT-license or not, this spectacular theme provided by Dirk Fabisch. Check out out here: https://github.com/dirkfabisch/mediator


turtle madness dot net

Sometimes it's just nice to have somewhere to write.

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